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THE SELF-IMAGE ; Your "Stuckness!" or Your "Success!"

"Unlock your success through the psychology of self-image transformation.

Redefine your mindset, tap into hidden potential, and elevate your life with newfound confidence."

Release a lifetime of unprocessed Negative Emotions.

"Embrace a brighter, balanced life by liberating yourself from a lifetime of negative emotions. Discover the transformative power of our specialized Negative Emotional Therapy and Self-Image reprogramming program, cherished by countless clients for its role in fostering happiness, mental and emotional well-being and a life free from the 9-5pm lifestyle.

Don't let unresolved emotions cast a dark cloud or shadow over your life; let me guide you toward a fulfilling, personalized Journey.

"Where Science Meets Spirit for Total Transformation"

Embark on a Transformative journey to awaken your Divine Essence through Conscious Co-creation and coaching.

Without Nurturing your Self-Image, this journey remains uncharted. It's time to go beyond – embrace Conscious Co-creation and sculpt a life that echoes the sacred rhythm of your truest essence.

This coaching experience is a path to profound Self-Awareness, where every step transforms potential into reality.

Beliefs are formed by "Repeatedly Evaluating Information"

"From birth, beliefs shape your reality. Yet, as you evolve, half of these beliefs become outdated anchors, holding you back. Break free from the constraints of outdated thinking with my program.

We unravel the layers, untick your stuck'ness, and guide you to a renewed mindset with Keylonta Karmic Repatterning

You will Embrace change, redefine your path, and step into a future of boundless possibilities."

Did you know that some of life's challenges may trace back to the womb or generations past? Uncover YOUR transformative power within.

From that very FIRST and consistent EMOTION we experienced in the womb ~ This WILL determine how we respond and react to the world around us, sometimes with life-long consequences!

Within the womb, the unborn child is immersed in the intricate symphony of its mother's neurological network. Devoid of words, in utero non-verbal impressions hold a profound dominance and control, surpassing the influence of adult stressors.

It is here, in the womb, that the seeds of suppression, repression, and limitations quietly take root, charting the course of our neurological odyssey.

With this program, WE are able to re-write the "Story"

Every feeling that you felt, whether consciously or unconsciously and have experienced, has been experienced by an ancestor and it is programmed in your biological cellular make-up.

Unconscious Self-limiting past conditioning and programming or In Utero trauma IS the thing that IS restricting you from living the most authentic life, a Life you dream of!

This is where all our stories begin! The FIRST emotion feeling isIn Utero” (a non-verbal impression imprinted in our neurological system)!

Show Up to “BE ” The “Best Version Of Yourself “

You CANNOT control what goes on around and outside of you, right?

You CAN however, control what goes on inside of YOU!

"Unlock the power" of your earliest experiences and shape a unique worldview exclusively yours. From the womb to the present, your brain, much like a computer, operates with its own distinct operating system, developed through your generational line and a lifetime of personal experiences and programming.

Welcome to more than just a coaching experience; this is an exclusive portal inviting you to redefine your reality and explore a life of limitless possibilities.

Join me on a transformative journey where guaranteed transformation awaits.

Your potential is not just a promise—it's a certainty. Seize it now!"

Discover how to use your Energy in a strategic way to redesign your life and make your life goals, dreams and desires a reality, by becoming a magnet to attracting and aligning to what you would like to "See More or have more of" in your life with my personal Development Tools or Private coaching program.

What are you going to do to make things different for you?

What is the cost of staying where you are?

Break Free from the Past

If you desire to create new results in the future, you must change your current thinking. Past thinking has sculpted your current reality, and that's why you're here.

There has never been and will never be another EXPRESSION of life like you!

You are Unique, and with YOU, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Do you Believe that?

Your NEW LIFE will allow you to ....

  • Live with purpose
  • Manifest financial freedom fast
  • Get that Job, start a business
  • Enhance your intuition
  • The courage to follow your dreams and desires
  • Experience more love and peace
  • Create abundance in all areas of your life
  • Have more confidence, clarity and vision
  • Overcome relationship trauma
  • Co-create healthy relationships and partnerships
  • Resolve your inner conflict (tug of war)
  • Understand self-love

Radical SELF-Transformation (This comes with a warning!)

🚀 Elevate Your Bliss, Be Limitless 🚀

A 12-Week Program that Rewires Your Reality!

Are you tired of life on repeat?

Ready to rewrite your story?

Our intensive 12-week program is not your average coaching or therapy. It's a warp-speed journey through groundbreaking techniques, tailored just for one thing: YOUR transformation. Unleash your inner power, start investing in your biggest investment... YOU! reclaim control over your life.

Get ready; You'll Emerge a different, New Empowered Version 2.0 You!

Why Choose Me?

🌟 Transformative Expertise:

With a fusion of coaching, psychology, neuroplasticity, NLP, regression therapy, conscious hypnotherapy, energy healing and visualization, I offer a unique holistic approach to your transformation. Dive deep into the realms of chakras and the energy body, unlocking avenues for rapid change and healing.

🚀 Accelerated Results:

Experience the synergy of coaching, conscious hypnotherapy, NLP and energy healing—an expedited journey to self-discovery and empowerment. Propel yourself towards life-altering results in record time.

💡 Innovative Techniques:

I seamlessly integrate energy healing, conscious breathing and visualization into our advanced coaching sessions, tapping into the multidimensional multiverse we live in, that is YOU!. This groundbreaking approach brings a new dimension to your transformative journey.

🤝 Tailored for You:

Your unique energy blueprint deserves personalized attention. I craft sessions that resonate with your energy, ensuring a transformative experience that's deeply connected to your needs.

💰 Unbeatable Value:

Embark on a journey that not only transforms your mindset but revitalizes your energy body. Enjoy the combined benefits of coaching and energy healing at an affordable price—unbeatable value for a priceless transformation.

🌈 Holistic Empowerment:

It's not just about changing your mind; it's about transforming your energy. Explore the holistic empowerment that comes from aligning your chakras, awakening your energy body, experiencing the expanse'ness of your mind and mastering your life.

🌐 Multidimensional Mastery:

Access the vast potential of the multiverse through the vast capabilities of your mind and personal energy system. Learn to navigate the multidimensional aspects of your existence, opening up new possibilities and accelerating your path to success.

🤲 Personalized Touch:

Feel the warmth of a personalized touch in every session. This isn't just coaching; it's a collaborative journey where your unique energy resonates with the guidance, creating a space for profound transformation.

📚 Educational Resources:

Delve into the comprehensive knowledge the book "Navigating Your Inner Cosmos" which incorporates topics such as our physiology, psychology, neuroplasticity, quantum sciences and energy practices to equip yourself with the understanding of how the thoughts and feelings of the energy body, chakras, biofield and the direct profound impact they have on your life.

Ready to Infuse your Transformation with the power of Energy Healing and Coaching?

Your Mundane Life Ends Here, Today! Embrace YOUR Extraordinary!

"Awaken Your Power, Reshape Your Reality!"

Your Self-Image Transformation and Mindset Coach

– your gateway to transformative coaching that transcends boundaries.

Through a fusion of Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Negative Emotional Therapy™, Transformation Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Sub-coding™,

Keylonta Karmic Repatterning™, Regression Therapy, Spiritual Coaching, (Emotional Freedom Technique) EFT, Inner Conflict Therapy™ and Biofield & Sound Therapy, we embark on a journey of profound transformation.

The Self-Image Transformation Mindset Coaching process dives deep into understanding the intricate interplay of in-utero experiences, genetics, epigenetics, frequency and the "self-image", unlocking the secrets imprinted in your Neurological system, DNA, Mind and Biofield, to tackle the roots of limiting beliefs, stress responses, and emotional resilience, creating a roadmap to elevate your life.

Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis guide our coaching methods, capitalizing on the brain's remarkable ability to rewire itself. Insights become catalysts for lasting change, and as your coach, I'm dedicated to creating sustainable shifts in your neural pathways and Innerverse!

Whether you seek freedom from inner conflict, stress & anxiety, relationship redefinition, deep trauma, self-confidence boost or financial abundance and Business success. Our coaching addresses a spectrum of needs. Together, we'll delve into the layers of your existence, identify strengths, and strategically redirect your energy for a life redesigned.

Your journey with coachMercia is a commitment to rapid transformation, where we reframe, shift, and restore, unlocking the life you desire and deserve as a result of a new and improved "Self-Image".

Your journey to transformation begins here, where words meet profound action!

Let's co-create the Extraordinary Narrative that is uniquely yours.


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