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Your Self-Image & Mindset Coach

– your gateway to transformative coaching that transcends boundaries.

Through a fusion of Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Negative Emotional Therapy™, Transformation Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Sub-coding™,

Keylonta Karmic Repatterning™, Regression Therapy, Spiritual Coaching, (Emotional Freedom Technique) EFT, Inner Conflict Therapy™ and Biofield & Sound Therapy, we embark on a journey of profound transformation.

The Transformation Mindset Coaching process dives deep into understanding the intricate interplay of in-utero experiences, genetics, epigenetics, frequency and the "self-image", unlocking the secrets imprinted in your Neurological system, DNA, Mind and Biofield, to tackle the roots of limiting beliefs, stress responses, and emotional resilience, creating a roadmap to elevate your life.

Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis guide our coaching methods, capitalizing on the brain's remarkable ability to rewire itself. Insights become catalysts for lasting change, and as your coach, I'm dedicated to creating sustainable shifts in your neural pathways and Innerverse!

Whether you seek freedom from inner conflict, stress & anxiety, relationship redefinition, deep trauma, self-confidence boost or financial abundance and Business success. Our coaching addresses a spectrum of needs. Together, we'll delve into the layers of your existence, identify strengths, and strategically redirect your energy for a life redesigned.

Your journey with coachMercia is a commitment to rapid transformation, where we reframe, shift, and restore, unlocking the life you desire and deserve as a result of a new and improved "Self-Image".

Your journey to transformation begins here, where words meet profound action!

Let's co-create the Extraordinary Narrative that is uniquely yours.


Embrace YOUR Transformative Power

Changing the Self-Image is not easy, but it's amazing at the end.

Discover true freedom through "Keylonta Karmic Repatterning™"

Show Up to “BE ” The “Best Version Of Yourself “

You CANNOT control what goes on around and outside of you, right?

You CAN however, control what goes on inside of YOU!

"Unlock the power" of your earliest experiences and shape a unique worldview exclusively yours. From the womb to the present, your brain, much like a computer, operates with its own distinct operating system, developed through your generational line and a lifetime of personal experiences and programming.

Welcome to more than just a coaching experience; this is an exclusive portal inviting you to redefine your reality and explore a life of limitless possibilities.

Join me on a transformative journey where guaranteed transformation awaits.

Your potential is not just a promise—it's a certainty. Seize it now!"

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